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Old 05-20-2012, 06:05 AM
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Default PM from a memeber

I had a PM from a memeber asking the for advise, i have put the questions in bold,With my answers below Feel free to add any advice or views you fellas have

"If i stop training will my muscle turns into fat"

muscle does not turn into fat!When you stop training your muscles will loose atrophy (size) and your metabolism will slow down, so if you carry on eating the same amount of food as you did when you was training to look bigger then you will for sure start to gain fat.

[B]"will weight training bulk me up and will i look too big"[/B]

To be fair this is only something you would normally hear women say, it's not often you hear a fella say i wan't to keep my pear shape body and keep my skinny arms and legs. Well the truth is hypertrophy (growing muscle) is harder for women as they produce 50-60% less testosterone thana fella which is the number one hormone for muscle growth, so as a woman you shouldn't worry about getting too big using the weights. As for looking too big (bulking up) this is something that some bodybuilders and other athletes do off season, maybe gain 50lbs to keep their body in an anabolic state to gain muscle mass. Some of them eat even more and this makes them look fat, will only get bulky if you eat excessive amounts, like 10,000 calories a day like they do. So, weight training and muscles are not to be blamed, itís a bad diet thatís to blame for a ďbulkyĒ look.

[B] " Will Running a mile will burn more fat than walking it"[/B]

When it comes to calorie-burning, in this case itís the distance, not how fast you run, that determines the amount of calories you burn. Youíll burn the same amount running a mile as just walking a mile. Sure, your heart will have to work at a higher heart rate for awhile when you run, which is good for heart health, but if your goal is calorie loss, it doesnít matter which one you do.

When it comes to losing fat, I would pick walking. It takes longer which is good for fat burn because it takes about 20min or so for your body to start utilizing your fat as an energy source and the lower heart rates allow your body to use energy systems that are more efficient when it comes to burning fat. Heart rates around 55-60% of your maximum heart rate (220-(your age)=maximum heart rate) for a period of at least 30min is optimal for just burning fat.

"Shall i do 1000 sit ups everyday to get a 6 pack"

you can do 1000 sit ups everyday this would give you very strong rectus abs and core, but if you want that 6 pack then you will have to cut out all the junk food and concentrate on your diet, eating the correct food and drinking the right fluids like water, not beer will get you the 6 pack fella

Disclaimer: does not promote the use of anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription. The information we share is for entertainment and research purposes only.
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Old 05-02-2014, 02:01 AM
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well you can turn muscle into fat nomore than you can turn a apple into a peach.. one is a tissue ( fibers ) and the other lard (immobilize cells)

one thing about this sport is tht is everything but QUICK !!!!! there is nothing quick about gaining quality muscle.. even on gear.. it takes multiple years,hard work & knowledge to produce prominent gains !!!! and for someone to think tht gaining weight in this sport to where they be worried about if there to big... is nonsense i dont even know what tht means... lol

i dont really know to much about the whole cardio things because im an ectomorph and had to never worry about tht issue.. but i do know tht cleaning up ur diet will loose more weight than just doing cardio and thinking thts the end all be all of loosing weight... ITS ALL IN THE DIET WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS SPORT !!! i do know tht if u get ur HR up to a certain number of beats per minute if u keep tht up for 20 minutes or over will be burning calories all day.. but one thing about this sport is tht the facts are always changing with thee times !!!! what people think does what one day, the next it will be de-bunked..

and it just breaks my heart to see all of these ill informed peeps killing themselves in the gym doing all this crunch work with body or with pilates day in day out thinking tht tht is the holy grail to getting a six pack.. its just ridiculous to think like tht but then you ur not willing to learn the sport and the science behind the body then u deserve to look like an idot .. bottom line... like i said before with everything in this sport.. DIET IS THE STAPLE THT CREATES THE TRANSFORMATION ON HOW YOU WANT TO ;LOOK !!!! how you look in the gym is a direct manifestation on how you live outside of the gym !!!!! everybody already has abs its the fat tht keeps them from showing.. but if u really want to look like u have a dense beer gut and from the side view to where u look like ur pregnant because you belly sticks out more than ur chest go ahead... but ull be wearing your knowledge of the sport in a way of a fool... good luck ...lmao
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