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Default Pre-Contest Workout


Day one: AM Workout - Calves, abs and Delts

Standing calf raises: 3 x 12 - 15
Leg press or seated calf press: 3 x 12 - 15
(The following 2 exercises should be done as a super set)
Hanging knee raises: 2 x to failure
Bench crunches: 2 x to failure
Standing bar twists: 3 - 5 minutes (Use and empty bar)
Light dumbell lat raises: 3 x 15 light pump sets
Seated dumbell press: 4 x 8 to 10
Single arm lat raises: 4 x 8 to 10
Seated press behind neck: 3 x 10 to 12

Day one: PM Workout - Quads

Leg extension: 5 x 12 - 15
Squats: 5 x 5 x 15, 12, 12, 10, 15
Leg press or Hack squat: 5 x 15, 12, 12, 10, 15
Hit this body part hard, then rest for a short time then:
Lunges for 3 or 4 sets in good style. This will pump and shape the thighs.
Pose the thighs for a while after this workout, it will bring out the striations.

Day two: AM Workout - Calves, Abs and Biceps
Abs and Calves are the same as Day One, You could possibly use them as a warm up.
Dumbell concentration curls: 4 x 8 - 10
Preacher curls: 5 x 10 - 12 (machine or bar)
Seated alternate dumbell curls: 4 x 8 - 10
Single arm preacher curls: 4 x 10 - 12
Finish off this workout with 3 sets of behind the back wrist curls to pump off the forearm extensors.

Day two: PM Workout - Chest and Hams
Flat dumbell flyes(light and fast): 4 x 12 - 15 pump
Slight incline dumbell press: 5 x 10 - 12
Flat bench press: 5 x 8 - 10 as heavy as possible, but the best style you can
Incline dumbell flyes: 5 x 8 - 1- Full stretch as is possible
Stiff legged deadlifts: 4 x 8 - 10 as heavy as possible
Leg curls: 5 x 10 - 12 Keep the hips down as best you can
Note: After a ham workout, fully stretch the muscles to prevent injury and cramp

Day three: AM Workout - Calves, Abs and Triceps
Dumbell french press: 4 x 12 - 15
Tricep pushdowns: 5 x 10 - 12 Hard as possible
Flat tricep press: 5 x 8 - 10 Use good form and to the forehead
Dumbell kick backs: 4 x 8 - 10
Abs and Calves: as Day One

Day three: PM Workout - Back and Rear Delts
Lat pulldowns to front: 5 x 10 - 12 aim to hit upper chest
Single arm dumbell rows: 4 x 8 - 10 Heavy as possible
Lat pulldowns to rear: 4 x 10 - 12 Full stretch
Seated pulley row: 5 x 8 - 10
Rear Delts:
Bent over lat raises: 4 x 8 - 10
Reverse upright rows: 4 x 8 - 10

The training, as you can see is very hard but also extremely effective.
Each training routine should be hit hard and fast, In the gym, job done then home!
This will test your strength and will power to the limit, especially first thing in the morning, but then no one said that this sport was easy!
This training system is designed for 4 to 6 weeks cutting/before a contest,
It can be used to get in shape but it is hard.
Kernow bys vyken

Disclaimer: does not promote the use of anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription. The information we share is for entertainment and research purposes only.
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