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Old 05-11-2012, 10:56 AM
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Default Overtraining - Its a myth but not!!! Here's how to avoid it!

I get a lot of questions regarding this, Some from pro's and more from newbies who feel like training more,
some ask because they wake up each day not sore and full of beans and ready to hit the gym 7 days a week,

Those on first cycles,

well, here is my simple scientific take on it..

I feel over training is a myth. In the conventional sense.
It doesn't matter how often you hit the gym, its not the muscles you ever have to worry about.

Muscles are mechanical. purely mechanisms made up of fibers that move weight.
Its purely the nervous system that actually gets trained. which is why people can not be physically sore yet mentally they feel fatigued.

its this nervous system that sends messages to the muscle to contract. its the organ grinder the the monkey (muscles)

Muscles, if we date back to slavery, are purely there for skeletal support, and movement, that's it. They grow as a direct response to stress, ie. they compensate for stress so as to protect the body.

The body's nervous system operates on neuro transmitters. now these are passed from one neuron to another over the synapses.
now muscle neurons known as motor neurons are the ones which cause muscles to contract.

now your body has only a finite supply of these chemical messengers. AS the body can only deal with a certain amount of stress at a time

people forget the body has to deal with its own issues too, such as metabolism, various recovery processes, the sensory system, the autonomic nervous system etc. these all require energy and in laymans terms "effort".

so the body unless it decides to pack up and die has to do all this whilst delivering these messages to the muscles.

Now if your body only had to deal with this, you could do it all day.
Hence why pro bodybuilders, who eat sleep and use large amounts of "supplements" can in my eyes not really over train.
Limiting all stresses such as mental stress, work and social stress allows the body more free time without fatigue factors to keep recovering these supply of signals and keep the muscles firing, so you can then feed them and they can grow back bigger and stronger.

Now in normal active life this doesn't work. we have life issues, coughs colds, gf/bf stress, so the body has a lot more than transmitting neurons to make you the next jay cutler.

So if we exhaust these supply of chemical messengers our muscles fail to adequately fire and we are in a state of what is called overttraining.

Funnily enough, the reason i touched upon social factors is becuase in science this over training state is closely mimicked in clinical depression.

You see the body is purely a stress organism. It take one factor in and fights or flights. food out. muscle stressed- grow bigger to adapt or shrink to avoid being able to put itself under that stress.

Genetics and 3 main factors control how quickly you recover these neuro transmitters.
The best time to recover them is when you sleep.
so the more sleep you get the more they recover and the more you can train. this is fact.
Gh, vitamins, minerals all help the body to better utilize sleep.

This is because if your immune system is strong, your body has the surplus energy and effort to restock if you will neuro transmitters.

Homeostasis is the biggest pull factor the body has. It will revert to your genetic "safe point" at all costs. so if you train balls out, dont sleep, no amount of aas/peptides can help these neuro transmitters restore stock and you will over train.

This is why those with demanding jobs should seeks to train less, sleep more.

You must always think what else which the body must do to stay alive is being done before it even thinks of growing metabolically active, calorie burning, heavy, blood rich new muscle mass. If your body is not doing its basic functions you will not grow.

To sum it up, over training can virtually be a myth in the conventional sense.
Sleep more, keep your body hydrated, which is the most overlooked nutrient. nothing can function if not hydrated from muscle contractions to the body being active.
make sure your vitamin and mineral levels are correct as again if the body can function properly via the kidneys, liver, and other processes you do not have a hope of it letting you build muscle tissue.

You were born with the amount of muscle per set you would need, the rest is surplus and the body will attempt to stop you.

Pros don't take more gear and peptides, they just rest more and eat better.
Kernow bys vyken

Disclaimer: does not promote the use of anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription. The information we share is for entertainment and research purposes only.

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Old 05-02-2014, 02:33 AM
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you put ot so well cc... overtraining is notthing more than UNDER-EATING..
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