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  1. How did workout intensity changed over the years?
  2. How many days per week you train?
  3. What would you change in your bodybuilding journey?
  4. If you'd be given a free steroid cycle, what would it be?
  5. how do you bench
  6. the best ever
  7. Winter Contest poll
  8. does you're partner know you use gear
  9. Left or right?
  10. Favorite pin spot?
  11. Cardio - Before or after you lift weights?
  12. Best stand-alone bulker steroid
  13. Goal
  14. How often do you change your routine? Weekly? Monthly? Never?
  15. What is your 2012 fitness goal - Gain Muscle or Lose Weight?
  16. six pack, or toned guns
  17. What is more difficult
  18. Do you perform a cardio warm up/cool down?
  19. Mr Olympia 2011
  20. How many times a week you train your abs?
  21. push-ups
  22. size or strength
  23. When do you Fellas dead lift, on back or legs day ????
  24. How long do you wait before hitting the same muscle group?
  25. underwraps or Flaunt it
  26. Best chest development exersise
  27. Gloves while training?
  28. Processed meats?
  29. What do you drink during your workout?
  30. Which one do you prefer
  31. Which is your favourite?
  32. Ronnie Coleman or Frank Zane?
  33. travel
  34. what do you consider 'big arms'?
  35. what supplements do you take?
  36. Why do you go to the gym?
  37. Decline bench press?
  38. Just curious
  39. What days of the week do you train ?
  40. What muscle group is the hardest to build?
  41. sleep !
  42. Machines vs. Free Weights
  43. Which T-Shirt is the Winner?
  44. Poll - How many times a week do you train?
  45. Weekends
  46. Green tea? Yeah or neah
  47. Mornings or Evenings
  48. workout music - what do you listen to?
  49. SteroidsCycles.Net Review
  50. Can you determine hypogondadism by the level of your facial/body hair?