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Default Four common misconceptions about steroids

Four common misconceptions about steroids

Steroids and bodybuilding go hand in hand as far as most people are concerned, and unfortunately in this day and age, anybody and everybody can post whatever they like onto the internet, with no real facts or evidence to back up their claims. For this reason, a lot of lies get told, and a lot of metaphorical wires get crossed as people read something on a forum or webpage and take it as gospel, without any real hard facts or evidence to back up these claims. Steroids are a prime example of what we’re talking about as people are quick to label steroids as dangerous, despite not knowing any real true facts. For instance, they refer to steroids as if all steroids are the same, when in actual fact there are dozens upon dozens of different varieties, with each one serving its own unique purpose. In a bid to help better get a better understanding of what steroids are actually all about, here’s a look at four common misconceptions about steroids.

All steroids have severe side effects – This is simply not true as not all forms of anabolic steroids have severe side effects, and in fact, some varieties have little to no side effects in the slightest. As far as common side effects associated with steroids go, most people will be quick to talk about problems such as acne, or gynecomastia. These are side effects that are associated with overuse of certain steroids, in moderation and used as they are intended to be used, any side effects experienced will be minimal at best.

Steroids make you gain muscle whilst doing nothing – Another common misconception associated with anabolic steroids is when people seem to think that if a person simply takes steroids, they will suddenly bulk up like the incredible hulk, and build huge amounts of muscle mass without lifting a finger. This is complete nonsense. Steroids can and will enhance a person’s physique, providing of course that they train seriously and intelligently, and have their diet and nutrition down to a tee. Without a solid diet and training program, a person could indeed take steroids, but they would not grow as they would have hoped. Steroids are not a quick fix, and the hard work must still be put in if you wish to reap the benefits.

Steroids give you “roid rage” – Roid rage is another term that is often used when talking about steroid use. Truth be told there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that steroids cause mood swings and cause people to fly into fits of rage and anger in the slightest. There is however, evidence that suggests that steroid usage could help to enhance character traits that already exist in a person. For example, if a person is already naturally angry and quick to lose their temper, steroid usage could enhance these character traits slightly. If a clam and placid person was to use steroids however, they would remain calm and placid and would certainly not be transformed into a raging mass monster.

Steroids shrink your penis – Again, this is simply not true. Steroids do not alter the size of your penis in the slightest. They can however, cause the testicles to temporarily become smaller but despite what people say, there is no evidence that suggests this can lead to infertility. The penis will remain the size it always has been, both on and off cycle, but the testicles could lose some size so just bear that in mind. If you are thinking of using any form of steroid, always seek medical and expert advice first, and always, always use them responsibly.
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