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Default What Are SARMS And What Do They Do?

SARMs have almost the same features as steroids, but they are not the same thing. The common factor between them is that they add to your androgen receptors, and influence your DNA which consequently causes more increase in muscle growth.

Steroids on the other hand are more intense, they can also affect other parts of the body causing extreme side effects like prostate issues, hair loss and acne. But SARMs do not affect other parts of the body because they are tissue-selective. They only focus on muscle growth without triggering other chain reactions. Also, they're best taken in pill form. The only downside is they're not recommended for human consumption.

For the past five years, demand for SARMs (or selective androgen receptor modulators" have been on the increase. Though this activity is being carried out underground because nobody seems to be buying it. But the demand and presence of SARMs are greater in quantity than MDMA and cocaine.
Are SARMs Legal to Buy?​
Legally, these drugs are not ideal for human consumption but some UK-based companies have devised a means to sell the drug. And because they're aware of the consequences of selling unlicensed drugs, they've employed legal disclaimers that portray the drug as 'research laboratory chemicals' and with a warning that the drug shouldn't be sold for human consumption for whatever reason. This however leaves an impression that it's an illegal drug and shouldn't be on the market.

The drug is considered dangerous and life-threatening and it can lead to the risk of heart attack or stroke. So, SARMs are not considered legal drugs to buy.
Where do SARMs come from?​
SARMs were created unintentionally by a scientist named Professor James T Dalton. He was working on a cure for prostate cancer when he first discovered SARM. But it wasn't known as SARM back then, it was called the molecule andarine. However, the discovery had little or no effect on the sickness but it affected muscle growth.

This effect was the direct opposite of what the drug was researched for but as soon as its effect was discovered, more attention was paid to it. Because it was an uncommon feat. Years later, professor Dalton reviewed the drug and created an improved version which he called ostarine.

When the drug was tested, there was a noticeable physical change within 12 weeks when it was used on elderly men. There was an evident increase in lean muscle mass and reduced fat. But later on, the drug failed to produce the same result when it was tested on other patients, so the production of the drug had to stop.

Dalton tried to stop the circulation of the drug but it had already gone out of hand. Some other companies had hijacked the drug and gone into its production despite that warning about its dangerous nature was also circulated. There's almost nothing that can be done to put a stop to the illegal production of the drug and it will continue to be in circulation, especially in black markets.
What Are the Side Effects of SARMs?​
The evidence here is completely based on reports or observations of usually unscientific observers. On online forums, users of SARMs say they experience strength gain at the same time, they express concern about issues like high BP, skin rashes, and impotence. The drug is said to affect eyesight(green or yellow vision).

The only information about the drug comes from YouTubers and vendors and users of the drug. But at the same time, users will not reveal information to discourage the use of the drug. They'd rather reveal selective information to support the use of the drug. Below is a list of the likely side effect of the drug:

Gynecomastia (gyno)
Testosterone suppression
Loss of libido
Mood swings
Hair loss
Liver toxicity
The Different Types Of SARMs​
There are different types of SARMs on the market today. Here you'll find learn more about them in detail.
MK-2866 or Ostarine​
This is one of the most popular and well-researched SARMs on the market. At first, it was created to treat muscle-wasting diseases such as osteoporosis. But because it has shown some effect on muscle building, some users have chosen to start using it for their muscle growth development. According to some reports, the drug is effective in increasing muscle growth. The drug is not yet approved by the necessary bodies for use, so users only use it at their own risk.
LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)​
The LGD-4033 is another popular SARM on the market it is also called Ligandrol. Ligandrol has also been tested clinically. But the clinical result reveals that the drug can be effective with just a dosage of 1mg per day. Many users, especially bodybuilders use these drug for bulking because it increases muscle mass and strength. However, you should note there's only limited information on the performance of Ligandrol and so users can only use it at their own risk.
RAD140 (Testolone)​
RAD140 or Testolone is considered one of the most effective SARMs. It adds to the androgen receptors, increases muscles and influences protein cells. The most impressive results were when users used the drug with Testolone. Animal studies also support the result of the RAD140s as it increases muscle mass during the experiment. The drug is very potent and so its experiment has only been limited to animals. It is not yet approved for human use.
S4 (Andarine)​
Then there is the S4 also called Andarine. This drug was created accidentally to treat muscle-wasting diseases. Andarine is used to increase muscle growth and strength within a short time. Some users use this drug coupled with other drugs like LGD-4033 or MK-2866.

Although it's a potent drug, it also has side effects on its users such as hormonal suppression and vision issues to mention but a few.
Best Alternatives To SARMs​
SARMs truly are effective for getting increased muscle and increased strength. But the side effects may not be worth the risks.

In light of this, research about some alternatives to the drug has been made to help you still achieve your desired performance with little or no risks. If you're interested in increasing muscle mass but without the risk of using SARMs, then you can check out the list compiled for you below.
Huge Ecdysterone​
Many products have been tested and tried but Huge Ecdysterone has proven to outperform others. It is considered one of the best alternatives to SARMs.

The prominent ingredient in this drug is Ecdysterone; it is a natural steroid hormone that can increase muscle and enhance performance. According to research, it can enhance lean muscle mass and is even more effective than some SARMs on the market. It's more interesting that this drug is very effective yet it poses no threat to its users.

It is becoming a popular option among people in search of performance-enhancing drugs. Hence making the drug high in demand.
Another effective product that is considered a great substitute for SARMs is Sapogenix. It's a unique drug that's mixed with different steroidal plant saponins.

The effect of these plant saponins is to enhance anabolic activity which causes an increase in muscle growth, strength and recovery. When you use Sapogenix its effect kicks in immediately. You start to notice some difference in your body within a week, and this effect will continue throughout the entire cycle.

When you have a planned and fixed cycle with Sapogenix, you can start to experience results faster. And when you include training and proper nutrition to the mix, be ready for some bulking up before the end of one cycle.

When you take Sapogenix, there'll be no need for post-cycle therapy and you can take the drug in the long term. You can rest assured that the drug poses no threat to your health and it has no side effects or consequences.

If you're looking to gain those muscles real quick, you could combine both Sapogenix and Ecdysterone but that's very optional. It's known as the Advanced Anabolic stack.
On a final note;​
Are SARMs harmful? These androgen modulators have indeed shown some results that they're effective in increasing muscle mass and bone density, but the side effects cannot be overlooked. While they may serve as good enhancement drugs, they still pose a huge threat as SARMs have not been endorsed for human consumption.

You should stay away from SARMs at the moment at least until they're endorsed by the proper bodies that they're safe for human consumption. You should never take these drugs except if they are prescribed to you by a certified doctor. You should put the potential side effects into consideration before use.

And if you wish to use enhancement performance drugs, there are alternatives to SARMs you can use that are not harmful to your health.
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