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Default Clenbuterol FAQ | Dosing

Originally Written By: PerfectBeast2001 @
Clenbuterol FAQ

After reading and answering the same questions every week I decided to write this FAQ. Hopefully it will answer the most commonly asked questions about Clen and also dispel some of the myths and untruths associated with it. I have a lot of personal experience with Clen. I used to weigh over 315lbs at over 30%BF. With a good diet and the help of Clen I managed to shed over 100lbs of fat, finally tipping the scales at 180lbs and under 9%BF. I will not be including huge amounts of technical and scientific info as many will find that boring and the idea is that someone new to Clen can glean some useful info from here without falling asleep!
If you wish to get more technical then check out Anthony Roberts' Clen profile here: Anabolic Review Profile: Clenbuterol - Anabolic Steroids - / Anabolic Review Forums

What is Clen?

Clenbuterol is a prescription drug. It is a bronchodilator which means it is given to patients to improve bronchial airflow (helps people breathe easier). It is commonly prescribed to asthmatics and for many other illnesses which cause breathing difficulty. Clen is often self administered as an "off label" fat loss drug. Many have used this compound to shed pounds very effectively.

I have a liquid/tablet/spray is this ok?

Clen is available in a variety of guises. The most common being tablets typically in the 20mcg format. I have also seen them dosed at 25mcg and 40mcg. There is a syrup solution which was once popular on prescription but this is not often seen now. A growing market is the "research chem" market. These are chemicals marketed towards lab experimentation (therefore bypassing strict laws about selling prescription meds) but are actually meant for consumption by the customer. The Clen from these companies is usually sold in a vial or spray bottle and the compound is suspended in solvent. The solution is dropped into the mouth with an oral or normal syringe or some are supplied with a spray which gives a measured dose orally. Much like UGLs the quality of these research chem products varies widely. Some are under or over dosed while others contain no active ingredients at all. The best advice is to find a recommended source that people you trust have used successfully. I would recommend using ARR as I feel Lion offers quality products and service. The reason people buy from research chem companies is that the compounds would be hard to obtain otherwise and the chem companies are usually much cheaper than human grade. Make sure you take note of the dosage on the product you are buying. Last but not least there are a couple of injectable versions. There are prescription injectables that to be honest are pretty rare now days. One injectable version is gaining quite a following though. Helios is a mix of Clen and Yohimbine and is designed to be used for spot fat loss (the area injected will have fat loss). Users of this product have been very happy with it. I do not know the dosage schedules for injectable products so do some good research if you are going to use them.

Will It Harm Me?

A. Clen has been shown in some studies to cause heart problems. These studies were conducted on animals and they were given very large doses. It may also be possible to do yourself some permanent and possibly serious harm if you took a large overdose. With Clen more does not = better! I have never met or spoken to anyone who has been harmed as a direct result of using Clen. This does not mean it won't happen though. Like all drugs caution should be used and one should be very aware that there could be possible side effects.

What Are The Side Effects and how do I cope with them?

Clens side effects include - high blood pressure, shaking, headaches, cramps, insomnia and increased heart rate/palpitations. While using Clen I would advise you monitor your blood pressure. The machines for this can be bought extremely cheaply at a chemist and are invaluable if you use Clen and/or AS. If your BP is high then lower the dose or discontinue until normal BP is attained. Shaking is a common side effect. While on Clen I get shaky hands when I am writing or performing intricate tasks. If you find you are shaking too much/all the time then you may try lowering the dose and then bringing it back up slowly over a few days. Headaches are fairly common. Be careful they are not a result of high BP. If they are not then taking an OTC painkiller will cure your problem. Cramps while on Clen are associated with Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that is present in the body. Clen affects the bodyís level of Taurine and this can sometimes cause cramps. Supplementing Taurine (I take 2g pre workout and 2g PWO) should cure this. If you still have cramps try supplementing with potassium and examine your salt intake (make sure itís not too high) these are not Clen related but could help with the cramps! Insomnia is common if Clen is taken to near to bed time, basically make sure your last dose is taken 5-6 hours before bed. Saying that Clen has a long half-life (over 30 hours) so sometimes you may try lowering the dose if it is really affecting sleep. Another remedy may be to take some Valerian root before bed to help you sleep. If you have palpitation then lower dose or discontinue. You may want to check with a doctor as heart problems are no joke and should not be ignored. I think I have covered the most common side effects but there are probably many others that relate to the individual. If you believe you have serious or worrying sides, go see the doc.

OK I Want To Take It But How?

Well there are several popular dosing protocols with Clen. It boils down to maybe trying them and finding out which one works/feels comfortable for you. Clen differs in dosage and effects from each individual. Some people claim that they are completely immune to the effects of Clen and it does not help them at all, although I have never seen any scientific reasoning behind it. However enough people have said it for there to be some truth in it. The most important thing to remember when using Clen is that the body quickly becomes tolerant to it. Clen down regulates receptors in the body and eventually (usually in the second or third week) results have slowed to a stop. For this reason Clen has a variety of dosage protocols designed to prevent this down regulation. Firstly we need to start at a low dose and slowly build up to a dose that is effective but not uncomfortable. I would recommend starting at 60mcg. Stay at that dosage for three days then up the dose by 20mcg. Repeat this process until you reach a dosage where you can really feel the Clen working (slight shakes, slightly faster HR). You may want to take your body temp daily while doing this. An effective dose will raise the body temp by about 1/2 a degree. You can also monitor when it becomes ineffective as temp will drop back to normal. My Clen dosage looks some thing like this when I'm starting.
Day 1 60mcg
Day 2 60mcg
Day 3 60mcg
Day 4 80mcg
Day 5 80mcg
Day 6 80mcg
Day 7 100mcg
Day 8 100mcg
Day 9 100mcg
Day 10 120mcg
Day 11 120mcg
I normally stop at 120mcg as this dosage works for me with minimal sides.

I take all my Clen in the AM before cardio. Many don't like to take it all at once and split the dosage throughout the day. I find that if I do this the last dose affects my sleep and I quite like feeling a bit "wired" in the morning! Some people will stop using Clen at day 14. They will then take 14 days off to allow the beta receptors to up regulate. They can then recommence and the Clen will be effective again for a further 14 days. More recently it has become fashionable to use an antihistamine compound every 3rd week to up regulate the beta receptors while remaining on Clen 10-12 Weeks. This is my preferred method. There are two ways I know of doing this.

1. use zaditen/ketoifen taken at 2-3mg per day along with the Clen. Users report staying on for 12 weeks plus and the Clen is still effective. The downside is that many people get very drowsy using these compounds and are unable to train properly.

2. Take 50mg of Benadryl or another antihistamine containing 50mg of diphenhydrmine (sleep ease from boots chemist if you are in UK!) every night during every third week while you are on Clen. So I would dose my Clen as usual and at day 14 I would add the Benadryl every night for 7 nights (while still taking the clen). Discontinue the Benadryl until day 35 and repeat. I favour this method as it helps me sleep and does not affect my performance in the day. I believe we can thank Anthony Roberts for this method.

There is another method that I have seen many people using. It is common to use the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off method but use ECA (ephedrine,caffiene,aspirin) during the off weeks. This method is totally pointless and counter productive. The whole point of taking two weeks off is to allow beta receptors to up regulate making Clen effective again. ECA down regulates these receptors (plus hitting a load of others) just like Clen. Therefore the receptors never up regulate and Clen + ECA becomes ineffective.

How do I come off?

I normally lower the dose slowly day by day until I am off as I donít like to suddenly shocking the body, however there is no evidence to say it is detrimental to come straight off it is just my personal choice.
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