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Growth Hormone, IGF-1, MGF, Insulin and Peptides Discuss here everything related to HGH, IGF-1, MGF, Insulin and Peptides

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Default Peptides, History and How to Use

Peptides in simple words are amino acids. But peptides actually refer to a vast array of biological compounds with no uniformity in terms of their composition or their effect on our body.

If we look at the history of peptides, they have long been used by the bodybuilding community. Although earlier, only the top and elite builders had access to these, peptides are now readily available in any store selling bodybuilding supplements.

The effect of peptides, especially insulin and the growth hormone, is a matter of heated debate ever since they were launched around 30 years ago. Some regard it as the ultimate performance enhancer while others completely dismiss its benefits.

In order to use peptides to your advantage and include it in your bodybuilding regime, determine your goals. If you aim for muscle growth, supplement AAS (anabolic – androgen supplement) Intake with IGF-1, a peptide known for muscle building properties.

Peptides do not guarantee overnight results, but with regular use and some patience, one can expect spectacular muscular growth and accelerated recovery. Following is a brief introduction to two types of peptides – TB500 and GHRP - 6, their effect and their proper use-
TB500 (Thymosin Beta 4), addresses one of the most common problems bodybuilders face – connective tissue injuries. TB500 strengthens your body’s collagen synthesis ability, greatly reducing the risk of injury. It is one of the most reliable and side effect free peptides. This claim is supported by many studies conducted on this compound.

GHRP (growth hormone release protein) is widely used by bodybuilders to build muscle and burn fat. The peptide helps in doing so by increasing your appetite and thereby the overall growth and metabolism of the body. Many experts advise not to consume GHRP’s, especially GHRP -6, during the IGF cycle. While some peptides compliment each other, some may even prove lethal if used simultaneously, hence always take the advice of the seniors and if possible of doctors too.
Perhaps you have tried peptides before and were less than impressed. Maybe this experience convinced you that peptides not worth it. But this is not true. If you try and understand the effect of each peptide on our body, you will have far more success with these than before. Moreover, the rapid advancements in technology are bringing down the production costs, consequently lowering the selling price and giving us one more reason to give it a try.
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