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Default Peptides – A brief overview


If you’re looking to burn fat and build muscle then you’ll obviously need to be training regularly and watching your diet. Losing fat is difficult enough, but losing fat and building muscle near simultaneously is extremely complex and is only something that only a select few individuals in the world will ever be able to attain. To build muscle and burn fat you need to be following an effective training program and you need to ensure that your diet and your nutrition are both exactly on point. If you have all of these things in motion, then you can begin thinking about supplementation. The sports supplement industry is worth billions upon billions and the sheer amount of products out there currently is astonishing. If used correctly in conjunction with a sensible training regime and nutritional program, supplements can prove very useful additions to any keen bodybuilder’s cupboards. One form of supplement which has been generating a great deal of attention over the last few years is peptides, which is what we’ll be taking a look at right now.

What are peptides? – It’s all very scientific but we’ll do our best to make it as straightforward to understand as possible, so bear with us. Peptides are basically a compound of at least two amino acids where a carboxylic group of one of the amino acids is joined with an amino group of another amino acid. When a molecule of water is removed, a peptide is formed. You’re probably cussing us out right now as we said we’d keep it simple but bear with us. In basic terms, peptides are simply very small proteins. Any compound featuring less than 50 separate amino acids is considered a peptide, though this is not 100% set in stone.

So, peptides are basically small proteins derived from amino acids? – Exactly, there’s a whole lot more scientific information than that but that is the gist of things, yes. In order for our bodies to produce peptides, all amino acids must be present. These amino acids are synthesised naturally by our bodies, some are found in the foods we consume, and some are consumed in supplement form.

What are the benefits? – Peptides have generated a great deal of buzz and attention over the last few years, and they are quickly becoming more and more popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders alike. But what exactly are the benefits?

They have an anabolic (muscle building) effect – Not surprisingly, the main reason why keen bodybuilders have been using peptides more and more lately is the fact that they have such an anabolic effect on the body. The reason for this is that they can stimulate the body into releasing growth hormone, which helps the body to heal quicker, it can increase strength, it can increase endurance, and it can stimulate protein synthesis.

Why not just use amino acids instead? – Amino acids are already pretty common and pretty popular amongst bodybuilders and keen fitness enthusiasts so why not just use those instead of peptides? Well, there are a number of reasons why peptides are more effective than amino acids. For a start, peptides can be broken down and used by the body far easier than amino acids because they’re smaller so the body won’t have to spend extra time breaking down much larger protein molecules. Many experts also believe peptides to be far more stable within the body itself too.

How many different peptides are there? – There are numerous peptides available and to name them all would take us forever so we’ll take a look at some of the more popular peptides and some of the more infamous ones too. Creatine and Glutamine peptides are especially popular because they’re absorbed so quickly by the body, getting to work almost instantaneously. They’re also considered the more potent and effective peptides, with fewer side effects. There are countless other peptides as mentioned however, often referred to as ‘pre-digested’ peptides or proteins. The previously mentioned peptides are sold by pretty much all health and sport supplement retailers and are perfectly legal and above board, there is however, a darker side to peptides as well. There are versions of peptides which are sold in liquid form and have to be injected. They’re far more potent and are used mainly to help promote a substantial increase in HGH production. Examples of injectable peptides include: GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, and IGF- 1. There are also numerous other peptides available, which work in different ways and aren’t specifically used for muscle building/fat burning processes. Melatonin for example, also has to be injected and this peptide works by causing the skin to tan much easier when being exposed to UV rays from the sun or sun-beds.

Which are better? – People often get their wires crossed when talking about which products are “better” and which products are “safer”. The injectable peptides are obviously far more potent and have been proven to lead to significant increases in muscle size, strength, and athletic performance. They are however Illegal, and can be considered unsafe as well. There are numerous unpleasant side effects associated with injectable peptides and there are also dangers associated with injecting yourself too. The tried and tested peptide supplements available from supplement stores are far safer and can still be very effective when used right. One of the reasons why these peptides are so effective is because they can help you to absorb far more amino acids that are bio available and can therefore deliver them far quicker and in greater numbers to your cells following a workout. This makes them fantastic supplements to use post-workout when your muscle cells are most anabolically primed for maximum nutrient absorption. They’re also a great way of stimulating your body into synthesizing more natural amino acids which will help benefit you in numerous ways anyway.
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