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Growth Hormone, IGF-1, MGF, Insulin and Peptides Discuss here everything related to HGH, IGF-1, MGF, Insulin and Peptides

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Default The Body's Growth Hormone System & Peptides

Besides Growth hormone (GH) itself, your body utilizes three basic hormones:

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH)- Released by the brain to tell your bodies growth hormone storage cells (somatotrophs) to release growth hormone.

Somatostatin- Acts as the "off switch" and tells your cells (somatotrophs) to cease growth hormone release.

Ghrelin- Created in the stomach, this hunger derived hormone reduces Somatostatins "off switch" effect and encourages the brain to release more GHRH.

If GHRH is always around the somatotrophs (GH storing cells) are constantly releasing and unable to store GH. This results in a constant dribble or "bleed" of GH rather than a big pulse. Growing, development, and maturity requires GH to be released in a pulsatile manner.

This is where Somatostatin comes into play. It instructs your somatotrophs to cease the GH release allowing them to begin storing and stockpiling GH. However if Somatostatin is always present the body would never release enough GH to function. What if GHRH and Somatostatin are trying to work at the same time? For the most part Somatostatin is stronger and no GH will be released.

Further benefiting this hormonal seesaw is Ghrelin. When Ghrelin makes its way up to the brain it makes it easier for GHRH to do it's job by suppressing Somatostatins effects. It is possible for Ghrelin on its own to cause a GH release even with a high Somatostatin presence. However, GHRH and Ghrelin together have a synergistic GH effect, meaning that the spike of GH released is larger than could have been produced by each on their own.

Synthetic forms of Ghrelin exist known as Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP's) and act in the same way that natural Ghrelin does.

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH):




Modified GRF(1-29)

Which GHRH?
GRF(1-29) and Sermorelin are essentially the same thing. Sermorelin just being the name of a FDA-approved version of GRF(1-29). The issue here is that these are easily rendered ineffective within minutes of injecting due to destruction by blood enzymes (unless you could pin directly into your pituitary gland). What remains of the list are analogs, or altered versions, of the original GRF(1-29).

Using an anolog that is able to survive blood enzymes for around 30 minutes is ideal

CJC-1293 is GRF(1-29) with 1 amino acid swap plus the Drug Affinity Complex (DAC). DAC acts as a velcro holding the amino acids together for a longer period of time. The single amino acid swap makes the analog peptide stronger but not by enough. The half-life is maybe double GRF(1-29) in humans. So 5 minutes of half-life.

CJC-1295 is GRF(1-29) with 4 amino acid alterations and the Drug Affinity Complex (DAC). This version is extra strong and will last more than 30 minutes and the DAC increases the half-life even more by preventing breakdown by blood enzymes.

Here is the interesting part: You do not want to use any of the CJC's. The first (CJC-1293) does not survive long enough after injection and the second (CJC-1295) survives for too long and is always around preventing Somatostatin from stopping GH release resulting in a GH bleed.

What do you want to use? You want an analog that utilizes those 4 amino acid swaps and mantains the ability to still be broken down after those 30 or so minutes. This is known as Modfied GRF(1-29).

**There is debate as to whether or not CJC-1295 without DAC is the same as Mod GRF(1-29)

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides, Ghrelin-mimetics (GHRP):




Which GHRP?
Hexarelin is the strongest in the family known to give the biggest pulse of all. Will create prolactin and cortisol side effects. Desensitization will happen regardless of the dose.

GHRP-2 has the second strongest GH release, lower hunger effect, and no gastric motility. GHRP-2 will result in the most bang for your buck. This is a second generation GHRP. Usage of this peptide can also come with elevated levels of cortisol and prolactin. Desensitization is unclear if used beyond saturation dose.

GHRP-6 has the second strongest GH release. It can cause an intense hunger effect and gastric motility. This is a first generation GHRP. Slightly creates prolactin and cortisol issues. Desensitization does not occur.

Ipamorelin does not release as much GH as other GHRPs, but at very large doses was shown to give a large release of GH without desensitization. Has no almost no hunger effect. This mildest in the bunch, but does not create prolactin or cortisol.

Dosing Schedules
Injecting a GHRH on its own is not very effective since you are unable to know when your bodies somatostatin is active. Because of this you'll need to pick a GHRP to be paired with your GHRH of choice. This ensures that Somatostatin, if present, will be suppressed and the two peptides will synergistically amplify the natural GH pulse.

Dosing is going to be mostly dependent on your goals and it is generally recommended to asses your tolerance before diving right into multiple doses per day. Starting slow and gradually increasing to multiple doses per day may alleviate some side effects

Note: a saturation dose is defined as 1mcg/kg of bodyweight or 100mcg, the latter being the most commonly used (except in Hexarelin in which 200mcg is considered the saturation dose). Some minority of people have sleep interruption rather than better sleep from pre-bed dosing. Often a move from GHRP-6, GHRP-2, or Hexarelin to the smoother Ipamorelin will remedy this. If not moving the pre-bed dose to the morning often does.

Minimalist- Dosing below saturation levels pre-bed i.e.: ~50mcg each of a GHRP and GHRH

Pre-bed Saturation- 100mcg of each GHRP (except Hexarelin) and GHRH. Results in better overall health, recovery and well being. This is a solid general anti- aging protocol.

Pre-bed & Post Workout Saturation Dose- PWO serves protein metabolism well and increases protein synthesis. Twice a day saturation doses has increased recovery, contribution to anabolism, injury healing, better well being and serious anti-aging properties.

Pre-bed, PWO, and Morning Saturation Doses- The morning dose, when fasted, engages the release of fatty acids which can be burned off for energy during activity. Three saturation doses per day further increases anabolism and decreases catabolism. Local growth factors will rise including systemic IGF-1, but within physiological levels, resulting in no enhanced health dangers, no abnormal organ or structural growth.

There are more advanced dosing protocols but for simplicity they have been left out of this text.

For best results doses should be administered on an empty stomach (2 or so hours after eating) or with only protein in the stomach. Fats and Carbs blunt the bodies GH release. So, administer your dose, wait 20 minutes for the GH pulse to reach its peak and then you can eat Carbs or fats without having to worry about blunting the GH pulse. If dosing multiple times per day allow at least 3 hours between administrations.
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