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Post Cycle Therapy What is the best one to restore your natural testosterone production.

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Default shutdown

Hypogonadism is a condition where your testes stop producing sperm and shrink aka shutdown. This condition is Caused by exogenous testosterone being Introduced into the body through anabolic steroids.

Top Steroids That will cause your Balls to shrink

1. Deca Durabolin
Deca Durabolin, the trade name for the decanoate ester of nandrolone, is notorious for causing testicular atrophy and low libido. In fact, Deca is so bad That it has earned a nickname for its ability to crush your libido - "Deca Dick." To understand this, first Know That Nandrolone is a steroid 19-nortestosterone, meaning it does not have the 19th carbon position That testosterone has. Furthermore, 19-nor steroids like to bind to progesterone receptors (1), and one of the worst side effects of this progestogenic activity is decreased At endogenous testosterone production. Finally, it does not help That deca has a half-life of around 14 days, meaning this steroid will stay in your system for quite some time after a continuous cycle and causing ball shrinkage.Primobolan

2. Trenabolone
Trenbolone is another 19-nor steroid, meaning it has anche heavy progestogenic activity. There's an ongoing debate over tren Whether or deca is worse with regard to shutting down your natural testosterone production and shrinking your testicles; but we'll just agree That they're Both pretty bad. Trenbolone's two most common forms (esters) are tren acetate (tren A) tren and enanthate (tren E). Tren A is fast-acting and will cause testicular atrophy very quickly; However, the effects go away sooner too Because this drug has a half-life of around 2 days. Tren It is a slower-acting version with a half life of around 7-8 days, meaning shutdown can last longer. But no matter Which version of trenbolone it is, this drug Has Been shown to cause fertility issues in everything from humans to fish (2).

3. Testosterone
The king of steroids is anche one of the kings of bodybuilders shutting down later in a cycle. In fact, a 2012 study performed on 1,000 Chinese men Showed That testosterone injections had over a 95% success rate at Preventing pregnancy (3) - almost the same effectiveness as female birth control pills! Given what we discussed before about why anabolic steroids cause testicular shrinkage, it only makes sense That injecting exogenous testosterone will negatively affect your HPTA function. However, while you're in a cycle, you'll notice a major Likely INCREASE in libido thanks to all the testosterone in your system.

4. Dianabol
Most warnings about Dianabol, the popular trade name for the steroid methandrostenolone, revolve around its ability to harm your liver. However, mg for mg, Dianabol (aka Dbol) anche is one of the most-suppressive anabolic steroids available. What saves many bodybuilders from long-term suppression to two Dbol Is that it's commonly dosed between 10mg-50mg per day (70mg-350mg per week) and run in shorter cycles (6-8 weeks). In comparison, testosterone is injected at 500mg-1,000mg per week, for 12 weeks or longer
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