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Steroid Cycle Log Keep a log of your cycle.

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Old 10-15-2012, 11:33 AM
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Post Anavar - 20mg ED 6 weeks


I did alot of reading on anavar; alot of people are suggesting it should be a 10 week cycle with realistically 50mg, as i've never juiced before and don't want to go overkill i decided to go for 20mg per day for 6 weeks.

My goals are definition and fat loss; I play rugby and i have been on and off creatine and protein since 16, i'm now 22 almost 23 and now, as i cant train 3 hours a day like i used to while at school and university the fat has come.

I started the cycle yesterday, i was stupid enough to drink beer on the friday (not expecting the gear until Monday, but it came very quickly) I took 20mg and immediately threw up, so i waited an hour and took another 20mg which was no problem.

During my rugby match i didnt notice anything really, just i didnt feel as tired - probably because i threw up and it woke me up! Anavar is giving me a gurgly tummy, however no more being ill.

Today, took my second 20mg i felt very fatigued after rugby and did 40 minutes cross trainer and resistance machines for my arms and triceps, triceps 3/4 stack [will find out weight] and biceps 2/3 stack - this was just to make sure i wouldnt be ill or anything at the gym on anavar - i really felt a burn in my biceps - insane burn, havent had that for a long while!

Tomorrow is Chest and Back, and another brutal 40mins cardio to boot - not expecting to see vast strength gains, however more interested in cutting and hardening of body! I'm looking to do something down the gym every day, im hoping that the fatigue will wear off and i'll get some of this energy i've been reading about! Also, i have no appetite whatsoever.

If by the end of week 2 nothing is happening i'll up the doseage a little more, the problem is i am worried about pct and the possible effects!
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Old 10-15-2012, 12:08 PM
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u will need more never ran var dont really think its worth it but i know many guys who have its very mild (but depends on the person) u will most likely need to bump up the dose and you should split up the dose throgh out the day to get max out of it same with most if not all orals. and no steroid helps with fat loss directly can help but its all about diet mate but up the dose to even 40mgs a day if not 50. not worth the price a lest i dont think so. good luck doe
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