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  1. How to Rid Your System of Poisons
  2. Growing From the Unconventional Angle
  3. Day to Day Adjustments
  4. Because Sometimes Bodybuilding is All You Have
  5. The 20 Minute Hangover Cure
  6. Nothing is Ever “Just Perfect”
  7. Seek Out Advice and Critique From a Select Few
  8. Creating Your Own Reality
  9. So You’ve Developed Your Body, but What About Your Character?
  10. Your Health and Time are Becoming Luxury Items and It’s Time to Wake Up!!
  11. Dedication Doesn’t Start with a Fancy Gym
  12. Do What Makes You Happy
  13. Becoming a Champion: Mister Can-Do vs. Mister Plan-To-Do
  14. The Sharpshooters Guide to Getting Women
  15. Bodybuilding, Emotional Battles, the Mark of a Man
  16. Untangling Your Mess and Moving Forward
  17. The “No Depression Notebook”: Level Up with Personal Accountability
  18. Standing Alone in a Tornado of Nonsense: Avoid Distractions and Negative Influences
  19. Self-Promoting Fitness Industry Bullshit and Pipe Dreams!!
  20. Keep it Simple Stupid!!!
  21. Bodybuilding with Diabetes
  22. How to Find the Right Woman
  23. The Life of a Real Bodybuilder
  24. Bodybuilding As a Family Man
  25. 10 Steps To Get Ahead In Life RIGHT NOW!!
  26. How to Make Time For the Gym (As a Husband and Father)
  27. How to Meet Girls in the Gym
  28. How to Quit Drugs
  29. How to Keep a Quality Girl in Your Life
  30. Your Quality Of Life Is All A Mindset
  31. How To Stop Living Like Everyone Else And Start Living Better Than Everyone Else
  32. How To Turn Pain Into Comfort & Rise To New Levels Of Confidence
  33. The Healing Power of Nature: How I Broke Out Of Depression And Got My Ass In Gear
  34. How to Cope With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  35. my son is in his 1st yr of college
  36. halloween ??
  37. sleep!
  38. Its a lifestyle bitches ! Get it right !
  39. Being successful in life
  40. Family
  41. God
  42. 3 things you can learn about networking from a classic children's book
  43. What you do to bring something new in your relationship?
  44. Jay Cutler Fan
  45. Long term or just a fling
  46. What is the quality you appreciate the most?
  47. What was the longest time you dated a girl?
  48. Talk about Ex Girlfriends in here.