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Originally Posted by Unl3 View Post
Hi guys,

Im 40 years old, 5'10" 165 lbs man. I have no experience in steroid use. I am about to start this cycle for 10 weeks:

- Test proprionate
- Masteron prop.
- Anastrozole 1mg

My traîner told me to do it this way:

Each 2 day: test + maste 50mg of each (so it make around 175mg of each per week)
Each day: 1 pill of 1mg Anastrozole

What you guys this about it ?

Thanks for the help!
Hey man,

Sorry for the delayed response. One of us usually tries to get back to legitimate questions like this sooner. I guess it really just depends what your goals are. Are you just using it to supplement your own testosterone [essentially testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)], or are you trying to use it for increased gains/performance enhancement? If the latter, your doses are too small.

In my opinion, for drostanolone (masteron) I feel like the sweet spot is like 400mg/wk. Being your first cycle I would see no point in more than that. Keep in mind if you have a history of male pattern baldness or are starting to show signs of hair loss, masteron (generally, DHT compounds) can accelerate it.

For testosterone, that is somewhat subjective. If I'm running just test I feel like 750mg/wk gets me where I want to be and I don't really encounter any sides. Most people are fine at about 400-500 mg/wk, but I also know guys who swear by a gram of test a week. Some of the guys who compete professionally take some crazy doses I just don't understand.

With that said, you picked good compounds for your first cycle. Both compounds are usually well tolerated and with conservative doses most people don't encounter serious side effects. Due to the shorter esters if you somehow were in over your head, you can stop and the half life is extremely short. Most people recommend just running testosterone alone for your first cycle, but I'm not going to be a hypocrite. My first cycle was a "cut blend" (test p, mast p, tren a).

Again, if your goal is growth/performance and I was building your cycle (assuming both compounds are a 100mg/ml), I'd probably say:

8 weeks,
1ml Test P IM EOD (300-400mg/wk)
1ml Mast P IM EOD (300-400mg/wk)
IM = Intramuscular
EOD = Every Other Day

Standard post cycle therapy (PCT), unless already on TRT.

Since you said your about 165 lbs. you can draw up (2ml) into one syringe, but I'd probably suggest injecting into the glute.

*My first cycle I was doing 2ml injections every day (ED). So, 700mg/wk of test p, mast p, & tren a. Very stupid of me, especially with the tren. Remember, more doesn't always mean better in this game.

^The above is somewhat moderate dosing and I'd say good to get your feet wet. You'll likely see some good results if your diet and gym routine are on point. As for the anastrozole, it is good to have on hand, but I wouldn't take it unless you need to. There is a study that taking aromatase inhibitors (AI) on cycle potentially raises your cholesterol by 25% alone. Not to mention elevated hematocrit/RBC. Again, these compounds are usually really well tolerated. I'd be surprised if you even needed an AI, especially if you're taking support supplements (i.e., P5P, Omega3, Liv52, etc.). Regardless one pill a day is overkill to start with. You may be fine with half a pill once or twice a week if you start to encounter sides.

I'd also recommend getting labs done man. Get a baseline before cycle, get one during, and get one post PCT. If you are stateside and looking for websites to order labs just DM me and I'll get back to you when I have a chance. long as that's cool with Admin. Keep in mind that depending how long your cycle is and what your taking your labs are going to change on cycle. For example, if your taking Anadrol you may see a spike in your liver enzymes as it's known for its hepatotoxicity. It kind of comes with the territory. The goal is to keep the outliers in a relatively safe range (usually, via support supplements and adjuncts) and getting them to return to baseline afterwards.

Now, if you're just doing this to supplement your own testosterone I'd say skip the mast p, and stick to the test p. The dose your trainer said is probably okay. About 125-175mg/wk. When I am off cycle I take 175mg a week of test c, split doses M/F. Keep in mind the longer you're on AAS and don't come off, the more difficult it is to get your system to fire on its own again. It's a comittment. This is why PCT is important post cycle. Some people say 90 days between cycles, some say more. I started to use longer esters and running longer cycles early on, so before TRT my rule was always off cycle just as long as I was on cycle (at minimum).

Sorry for the novel. If some of that info you already knew, my apologies. I am just trying to cover our bases. This also all assuming you are a relatively healthy adult male. Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out anytime. I'll usually get back in a day or two. ...give or take.
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