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Sermorelin (GRF 1-29)
Sermorelin or GRF 1-29 is a growth hormone secretagogue, which means that it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and secrete HGH. It is a form of GRF that contains only the first 29 amino acids. GRF that is produced by neurosecretory neurons in the brain contains 44 amino acids. Only the first 29 amino acids are responsible for stimulating pituitary production and secretion of HGH. Sermorelin has highly specific receptors on pituitary somatotrophs. So it binds to the cells that produce and release HGH. Upon binding, Sermorelin acts through a cylicAMP second messenger system exactly the same as that used by naturally occurring growth hormone releasing hormone. Furthermore, it has an excellent safety profile. Its effects are regulated at the level of the pituitary gland by negative feedback and by release of somatostatin so there are less safety concerns such as those associated with HGH overdosing. Tissue exposure to HGH released by the pituitary influence of Sermorelin mimics normal physiology, By stimulating the pituitary it preserves more of the growth hormone neuroendocrine axis that fails with aging, Semorelin in a complex way, helps preserve not only youthful anatomy but also youthful physiology, it gives all of the benefits of HGH and more. Another big advantage of semorelin is that it causes the pituitary gland to up-regulate. This stimulates the gland to rejuvenate. There are many reports in peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature showing that GRF/Sermorelin also has a direct effect on the brain to promote non-REM slow wave sleep.

Thymosin Beta 4 (TB-500)
Thymosin Beta 4 or TB-500, as it is called, is an exploration peptide that is tested primarily for its abilities to increase strength, endurance and restoration in subjects. It is known to have many of the same effects of growth hormone in animals equating to results in humans that would be related to an increase in testosterone. It has been shown to inhibit tumor growth making TB-500 an amazing product for research studies and with further testing, something that may become widely accepted in the minds of many. TB-500 has been proven to speed up the therapeutic process in wounds as well as being used clinically for anti-inflammatory purposes. This is extremely important when it comes to competitive competitions or events as well as simple body maintenance. Recovery times and pain relief occur much faster for the duration of use allowing for peak performance as well as a healthier well being. Subjects have also proven a slight increase in hair growth which is a positive side effect of TB-500 use. As you can see, research in animals has shown superior and appealing results in existing studies when it comes to its use. In inclusion to the restoration aspects of using TB-500 as an exploration peptide, there are several other notable facts that are being discovered. Subjects have proven a significant increase in muscle growth which clearly improves strength and endurance as well as a huge enhancement in muscle tone itself. The improvement in flexibility due to its anti- inflammation components and known abilities to be able to stretch tissue safely have made this a favorite of those performing investigation in the area of performance and physical enhancements. Exploration of this peptide on subjects is simply producing astonishing results in most cases.
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