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some ideasfrom others

Dose: 4-6iu ED, split into 2-3iu right when I woke up and 2-3iu about 1 hour preworkout..

Duration: about a year and a half with some weeks/months off thrown in there sporadically..

In conjunction with Test anywhere from 150mg-300mg, only ventured to 600mg Test for a few weeks in that time frame...

Results: WITHIN WEEKS (doesnít take longer than that to see results, anyone who says otherwise has shitty GH or shitty response to GH and Iím no genetic specimen AT ALL.)

Anyway, within weeks, super lean, like from 12% ish bodyfat to easily 7-8% bodyfat, had veins all over abs without even trying, no change in diet or exercise and actually ate more freely, pumped/pop look to muscles ALL DAY, veins everywhere..

Side effects: Maybe a little carpel tunnel at first, no water retention though.. A LOT of people have noticed a rise in Resting Heart Rate, I myself had a slightly elevated RHR BUT I canít say 100% it was due to GH because I was doing some dumb shit like literally smoking pot ALL day, like literally up to 1oz in a day and that definitely raises heart rate as well as not gettin accurate/healthy sleep which can also contribute to that as well.. Iím sure it had some effect though but some people say it subsided and HR goes down to normal after a few days/weeks and others itís constant.. Donít know what I wouldíve fallen under as I wasnít super on top of it at the time..
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