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PEG-MGF is a variant of IGF-1, which is an insulin like growth factor, and can be used to stimulate myoblasts division and allows for muscle fibers to fuse and mature. It stimulates this division of myoblasts in the body through different receptors. It is a peptide that is responsible for damaged muscle recovery and satellite cell growth. In other words it creates new muscle cells and dramatically increases recovery.

EFFECTS: Increased muscle mass and density, increased fat loss, marked increase in strength and endurance over time, enhanced recovery and dramatically reduced DOMS.

DOSING: PEG-MGF is best utilized post-workout and on recovery days. Doses of 200mcg administered intramuscularly, bi-laterally directly into the muscle groups trained are most common. Dosing of once per day as a post-workout tool should be limited to three days per week. A single 400mcg once a week dose for overall recovery is also a common practice. PEG-MGF is also widely used by athletes to bring up lagging muscle groups and when coupled with IGF-1 the results can be dramatic. IGF-1 would be used pre-workout and PEG-MGF would be administered 10-12 hours later as the two are similar enough to compete for the same receptors. In this case the IGF would win the battle and the MGF would be wasted. Ample time is required for the IGF to go to work and clear to a degree as to allow the PEG-MGF to go to work.
The typical protocol for injection :
Injecting 200-400mcg of PEG-MGF bilaterally, intramuscular in the areas you want to target. It exhibits immediate localized effects and will then circulate systemically within your body binding to tissues that need to be repaired after a workout session or injury.
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