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Originally Posted by h4x0r2986 View Post
How low of a dose on tren is possible ? I want to minimize as many sides as possible while seeing some effects.... Is 50mg per week too low? 100?? I'm using enanthate for the first time and wanted thoughts
50mgs a week??, thats way too low and I doubt youll get any results from it, even at 100, at that dose you'd probably just get sides and no muscle gain, someone here is on 50mgs EOD and im actually surprised that they got the results that they did from it and I would say 50mgs EOD is the lowest anyone should go
People say to me its possible to be too big.....but for me I dont want a physique thats average something thats reachable, I want something thats unobtainable that looks like its so hard to get, yes women hate it, BUT I FUCKIN LOVE IT....SO FUCK IT!! why do I want this??? CAUSE NORMAL FUCKIN SUCKS!!!
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