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Default first tren cycle

first ill start off with a little background information. I am 6ft tall weighing in this morning at 215 pounds. This is the lightest ive been in months. I am usually closer to 220-225, but i had to cut down for a powerlifting meet. I am hoping to hit 235 on this cycle.
I am on TRT, ive been training seriously for 5 years. This is going to be my third ever cycle. I previously have done 2 cycles of test/deca with great results. First cycle gained 30 pounds, and second cycle i gained about 15. Both cycles i kept almost every single pound i gained, besides losing a little bit of water weight that comes with it.
for the past couple years i have trained strictly for powerlifting.
I did my first competition in october and got first place in my class.
My goals with this cycle and future cycles are to get as strong as possible, and keep side effects as minimal as possible.
As with anything i do, i have done alot of research on tren. I got a lot of my information from a thread over on another forum (not sure if i can link, if i can let me know and i will)
It has a lot of good information in it. With this cycle i am running around 150mg of test a week, just to keep normal body functions going. I am running tren at about 300mg a week and using it as the main anabolic, which it should be.
I just started another round of sheiko, which is a brutal russian powerlifting program. I ran it last year around this time and got great strength gains, so hoping that paired with this cycle will do me wonders.
Any other questions i would love to answer, any tips or tricks from more experienced guys are more then welcome.
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