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Originally Posted by hangin View Post
It's packing on fast just the other day I was 248-249 and just weighed myself when I got out of the shower and I'm 254 now I know that there is water weight but it's going great thus far.only change I've made is I upped my test to 2grams per week from 1500. I've run 2grams before and loved it but this time since I've brought it up I've felt like shit I'm hoping it will pass really soon. So I'm on track my body fat has gone up but only a bit.I'd like to get to 260 then bring it back down to maybe 240 with low body fat with my cycle I have planned next.

Cycle following 3 week break from current cycle is going to be something like below with subject to change
1-10 test ace 100mgs ed
1-8 tren ace 100mgs ed
1-8 mast 100mgs ed
6-10 winny 50mgs -100mgs ed
Clen 2 week's on 2 week's eca stack then back
Continue gh @ 6-8iu ed
All so have halo and var on hand,so this all is up for change or rearranging not sure so any thoughts or input would be great if possible.
There will be a 3 week break between the two cycles but during the 3 week break I'll be on test e @ 500mgs per week and var 80mgs ed until the main cycle starts. Of course diet will be meticulously planned out. I'm just not sure on which compounds and when to run them so as said above any thoughts or idea's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
that looks good, should put on some quality weight just keep your diet clean as possible im pretty much running the same thing but im on long acting esters and I have EQ in my cycle as well as a low dose of dbols to keep my a bit more full
People say to me its possible to be too big.....but for me I dont want a physique thats average something thats reachable, I want something thats unobtainable that looks like its so hard to get, yes women hate it, BUT I FUCKIN LOVE IT....SO FUCK IT!! why do I want this??? CAUSE NORMAL FUCKIN SUCKS!!!
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