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Default Test Cyp + ortrexyl (oral tren)+ Thyroxyl (T3)

First off I'm 6'4 275lb age 27. Approx 6th cycle, done most of mine in earlyer years when I was playing college football. I'm now playing semi pro and want the raw power I had in college! My main experience is with test E and deca. So other than the test and provimed this is a new level of gear for me.
Main reason for this post is to give my insight and progress of my experience on the gear I have. I'll report sides pros con ect. So anyone on wondering how they made a person feel and train can have some background.
I have kalpa pharmaceutical - Test Cyp, ortrexyl (oral tren), and thyroxyl (t3).
Balkan pharm I have provimed
I have -clomid, novaxyl, and aromaxyl for pct and other "just incases"

I'm currently on my second week.
-- Test Cyp 750 weekly
--- ortrexyl 750 mcg daily ( I was at 500mcg last week but felt very little and decided to bump it an extra 250. honestly felt the power of tren yesterday day after adding the extra!)
---thyroxyl 750 mcg daily( once again I ran more to feel it!)
I start at the recommended dose and moved up just enough to tell I increased. Did this so I can tell how at a lower "recommended dose" will effect me. I gave it a week to allow the gear to hit my system then decided to push it some more.

Provimed 100mg daily

I'm sure several people are wondering why t3 and provimed?
T3 because I want to loose a little extra fat, and tren suppresses the hormone production.
Provimed because I have always used it in college and it's what I know. Main honest purpose I use it is to keep testicles from shrinking so much and to help keep sex drive mega High! Which test does the libido on its own but this item keeps your natural test flowing. But this gear also gives a nice firmNess to your structure as well.

since I have upped the dose on t3 and the OT I can tell my body temp is higher as I sweat a little more through the day, and at night when my alarm goes off for my midnight meal I'm sweating. Not as bad as I have heard from others. Agression is up a little bit but is totally controlAble. I shit all the time not sure if it's the t3 or the tren but my track is always on the move and not in a oh fuck this hurts but a nice easy flow. I do get spaced out time to time through the day as well. But so far nothing major

Now for what everyone who has read this far is wanting to know. And yes OT is the fucking bomb!!! I did back and bis yesterday and holly shit I was unstoppable in the gym! I would do a 3 set in preacher curles move to a back work oUT and come back to the curls and could sling more weight Not less! I honestly didn't get tired in the gym and only left because my girl had 3 chicken breast waiting on me after 1 and half hour in the gym. My arms are already tighter and my shoulder which are my favorite group are much broader! And my viens in my for arms are already holding a solid pump while in rest!

I will be getting my blood work done next week and will post my results for test, estrogen , liver and blood count.
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