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Old 08-30-2011, 08:02 PM
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Default Cardio? Who the hell does it?

Okay, this will fly in the face of most contest prep... Don't do any cardio when you start prep - just a simple low intensity "cool down" if you wish of 10 minutes after workouts.

Let the diet do it's magic. Then after two weeks, add in short intervals 2 times per week (I prefer sprints - 60 to 100 meter sprints/ 20 rounds. Sprint, walk back, repeat.)

When competitors cut Calories and increase cardio, they just create more stress in the body (unneeded stress which in turn increases cortisol). Doesn't matter if someone's using cortisol blockers either.

Of course, based on the actual diet setup, I may recommend long slow cardio on low carb days, but even then, this would only be 2 times per week.

Everyone may respond differently, but a hell of a lot of competitors can come in hard and tight doing a lot less cardio. Many people do excess cardio in panic because they don't really trust their diet.

Think about this - you'll burn what, say 300 Calories at a low intensity 30-45 min session? Do this instead. EAT 300 Calories less and hyper dose yourself with vitamins/nutrients - you'll be better off.

Not many coaches do it this way or use that mentality. Well, there's on of the "secrets" on how I do things. You'll have more time (from not doing so much damn cardio) to cook and prepare meals and spend quality time with your family and friends.
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Old 08-30-2011, 08:16 PM
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Good post Kornfed, I often wondered about you big guys doing too much cardio, I was about 2 stone over my target running weight and fuck me did it make a difference in performance and form!!

I however love the cardio, it's my thang I do trail running and long distance hiking, cardio is a great way to keep fat off though, when I'm running nearly every night I can eat whatever I want whenever without putting an ounce on

My knees are pretty much shagged from it though (gutted) so after this season I'm taking some time off and focusing on size, see where I can go with that.
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