[Yesterday 06:52 PM] tj805: Yeah, I started using Mark Bell's slingshot. I may look like a tool-bag using it, but it has been a game-changer for my shoulder. [05-17-2024 03:07 PM] Huge Tom: good warm up is a must now for me but must be for everyone always [05-17-2024 03:06 PM] Huge Tom: sounds good tj and Tri but please warm up well, I had shoulder problems and I dont wan tthem again [05-17-2024 03:06 PM] Huge Tom: hey HM [05-17-2024 11:06 AM] tj805: Hey HM! [05-15-2024 04:49 AM] tj805: That's what's up bro. Just hit a PR myself (since shoulder surgery) last week. Flat bench 295 lbs. Only two reps though. Shooting to hit 315 lbs by the end of the month. I weigh roughly 195-200 lbs rn, so doable for sure. [05-14-2024 03:44 PM] TriGenetics: HM what's up just hit a PR last night benched 225lb for the first time in my life hit 4 reps with not help I think its been in my head 245lbs next letssssss go [05-10-2024 10:25 AM] tj805: Hey HM! [05-09-2024 06:24 AM] anaboliceva: Hello ,eveyone [05-03-2024 11:39 PM] TriGenetics: Everyone it’s Friday night who’s lifting [05-03-2024 02:56 PM] tj805: Hey HM! [05-01-2024 03:36 PM] mr.bean: hi [04-30-2024 12:35 PM] Huge Tom: especially my legs [04-30-2024 12:34 PM] Huge Tom: I need more stretching [04-30-2024 12:34 PM] Huge Tom: same story here [04-30-2024 04:09 AM] tj805: I try to stretch before and after my workouts. The older we get the more important it becomes. I experience similar issues with muscle tightness. I try to stretch often, sauna, cryotherapy, and deep tissue massage. This combo has been a game changer for me. I just added red light therapy to the regiment. [04-29-2024 06:30 AM] DragonPharmaRep: I have a problem where my muscles are tight and hard and all these years I did not stretch enough, how many been throught this and how did you start solving this? [04-29-2024 06:27 AM] DragonPharmaRep: we are all disciplined men in working out regularly, but how about stretching muscles, how many of you do that? [04-29-2024 06:26 AM] DragonPharmaRep: hello everyone from this nice place [04-27-2024 05:19 PM] tj805: Hey HM!