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paulgonzales86 06-18-2019 05:36 AM

30 repetation of 1 exercise is ok?
I want to build muscles so I have started this new strategy of doing exercise does this help me?

tj805 06-18-2019 02:24 PM

More repetitions will help build leaner and defined muscle, but if you want to put on mass you should do less repetitions and more weight. Rest is key.

"After you workout, your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. These repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle hypertrophy."

ArgonCoagulator 10-10-2019 02:50 AM

30 total reps is a good number of total reps you could shoot for, such as 3x10, 4x8, etc. I personally don't need that much volume per exercise but it works for many.

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