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AlwaysLegDay13 10-26-2014 10:34 PM

Another pic
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Can't wait to start this gear.

AlwaysLegDay13 10-30-2014 05:49 AM

24 more days
Couldn't be any happier with how my prep is going, glutes are striated, body is getting tighter and grainier by the second. This Kalpa gear is where it's at, hands down no question best gear I've come across. Diet has changed a lil instead of being almost no carbs, I've been given about a half cup of carbs with my first 5 meals just to sustain energy levels and get me through the day without being too miserable. Still on a 3 cc injection (1 test 1 tren 1 mast) every other day. Will be pulling the tren 7 days out from the competition. Athank you again to Huge Tom you've been amazing and of course to the makers of the Kalpa gear I appreciate the support!!!! stay hungry and train those wheels!!!!

admin 11-01-2014 07:25 AM

I like your log bro, it's interesting and your progress must be addicting :)

Keep us updated and like Arnold said: "stay hungry"

AlwaysLegDay13 11-06-2014 09:05 AM

Big changes
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So had a little bit of bad news pop up and lost a loved one so haven't posted in a bit. Back on track now!!! Tren has been removed and diet has switched to all fish and 1 meal steak at night, as well as first meal is egg whites and oats. Still running 1cc Kalpa test p, 1cc kalpa mast every other day, and 30 mg Kalpa androxyl every day. Definitely leaning out and getting tighter. Here are a few pics. Til next time train those legs. (Have shorts on in pic because I got a thigh contusion the other day and have it wrapped to bring down swelling)

AlwaysLegDay13 11-06-2014 09:07 AM

Another pic
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Can't seem to attach more than 1 pic so here's a second...

Crew38 11-06-2014 10:31 PM

Gets some letro your right nip is a little puffy.
Your looking good bro when's your show?

AlwaysLegDay13 11-11-2014 04:03 PM

11 days
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So time is winding down and show time is upon us. Unfortunately last week I had a family death so had to go out of town, the flight caused a lil water retention but it's all fixed now. As for gear tren has been pulled, taking 30mg anadroxyl per day, 1cc kalpa mast/1 cc kalpa test prop every other day. Strength is through the roof even on very low carbs and for that I thank the Kalpa gear because I've still never had results like this. Still training hard until next Wednesday and then rest before the show on Saturday. Wish me luck. Don't forget train hard and never neglect the legs!!!

Dbol8 11-13-2014 12:37 PM

Killing it bro

AlwaysLegDay13 12-03-2014 06:49 PM

Competition went well
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So competition went great and I believe I brought an insane package to the stage. Next one is in April and rather than cutting 26lbs again to make middleweights I will be joining the lightheavyweight class. Plan to bring a fuller package and come in extremely hard. I'd like to thank huge Tom and everyone at for their help, and a huge shout out to Kalpa Pharma in my opinion the best gear on the market. I will be off gear for a month then return with a new stack but same brand. Here are a couple pics from the comp.

AlwaysLegDay13 12-03-2014 06:50 PM

Pic 2
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One last pic

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