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ckcrown84 12-08-2014 08:53 PM

1410 total, with GBN :) 480lbs bench!
12/7/14 was the longest meet i have ever done, 14 hour day.
Sorry for incontinent video angles.
Let's start with the lifts

squat: I opened with a 20lbs PR at 470. A weight that crushed me last competition. Moved easy. Went to 500lbs. In the opinion of most the judges buried me, way too deep. 2nd attempt i fell forward some and just lost it. Can I complain with a 20lbs meet PR ? No, but I really wanted 500+

Bench: wow what a great bench day. In the warm up room I've never been so fast and explosive. First attempt 440, very light.
Went to 480 and well everything went wrong, no aggression, grip too close, just wasn't a good lift. Took 480 again and... Well we fixed the aggression part. This lift absolutely took everything I had. 480 was the RPS record so I was allowed a 4th attempt which I did not take.
To be honest I was happy with winning that fight with 480 and continuing would have been stupid.

Deadlift easy as hell. The grip specific work has really paid off. We will see great progress here going forward. Took a 405 opener, 435, then 460 for a 10lbs PR which again wasn't a struggle at all. I am excited to see how this lift develops by summer

A meet never really goes exactly to plan, proud I hit a PR in every lift and improved over all.

Now time to focus on Nutrition, and training. I won't be competing again until summer


paige 12-08-2014 10:46 PM

Nice, congrats man

Yolked 12-09-2014 01:42 AM

beast, good job man

ckcrown84 12-27-2014 01:06 AM

Thanks guys big things to come in the summer with GBN

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