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Armstrong 01-25-2016 07:16 PM

"Free Testoserone" blood test
when you go to get a blood test for "free testosterone" this is only testing your natural testosterone correct? so if your taking TRT shots it wont pick up on the "synthetic" test that your injecting just what your body is putting out naturally is this correct? or is there no way to do this and a free testosterone test just tests your levels with the TRT injects

Thaistick 02-19-2016 03:22 AM

No, that's incorrect. Free test is not bound to albumin or shbg. If you are injecting test your free testosterone and total testosterone will both be elevated.

Yolked 02-19-2016 04:01 AM

that^ total test is the total amount in your body, free test is what is bioavailable for the body to use

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