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Old 11-16-2013, 04:29 PM
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Default 20 Week Advanced Cut Cycle

I I am going to do a 20 Week Advanced Cut Cycle starting December first and ending April 19th. I am looking to do a physique competition. Currently I am 6' 235lbs around 16% bf. I'm 26 been lifting hard since I was 19. Played three sports in hs, when I graduated. I was 175lbs, over the next four years worked my way up to 200lbs with just test boosters. I have ran 6 cycles since I was 21. Goal for this cycle will be 190-200lbs 3-4% bf. Of course cardio everyday; mixture of HIIT, fasted cardio, sprint training and walking on incline. I will have a 85% diet the first 8 weeks lean out and add some quality muscle. The following 12 weeks will be 100% diet.

Cycle Looks like this:

Weeks 20-13
Npp 600mg ew
Eq 900 mg ew
Sust 1200mg ew
Tbol 60mg ed weeks 20-15
Nolvadex 20mg ed (weeks 20-2)
Hgh 2iu ed (weeks 20-2)

Weeks 12-2
Tren a 600mg ew
Test p 700mg ew
Masterson 700mg ew
Eq 900mg ew (stop two weeks out)
Anavar 100mg ed (weeks 15-9)
Winny 50mg ed (weeks 8-3) / 100mg ed (weeks 2-1)
Proviron 50mg ed (weeks 8-3) / 100mg ed (weeks 2-1)
Clen 120mcg ed 2 weeks on 2 weeks off starting 10 weeks out
T3 50mg ed starting 40 days out

Final week
Mastron 1.5cc ed
Letro 2.5mg ed
Winny 100mg ed
Proviron 100mg ed
Clen 120mcg ed
T3 50mg ed

That's it! Tell me what it you think.
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Old 12-02-2013, 09:50 PM
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Looks good to me brother, I suspect after the first 14-16 weeks growth rate will stall or become very very small, so expect that and honestly I would lower the dose for that reason just because you'll be wasting a lot of that gear which would be better served for an additional cycle. Is this your first cycle that is this long ? I have done extended cycles and I can definitely tell you after the 3rd month progress becomes very very small, and for me after about the 4th month I wasn't making any noticeable gains over a natural, which is why you should either cruise after gains become slow ( perhaps the 12th week because like I mentioned the progress becomes so slow it's basically just wasting the gear ) or come off . That's what I have learned anyways.
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