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Post Cycle Therapy What is the best one to restore your natural testosterone production.

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Old 03-09-2018, 07:48 AM
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Default The Best Anti-Estrogen (we discuss: Anastrozole, Exemestane, and Letrozole)

theres been a lot of talk on other boards about this lately, and a lot of bad information thrown out as well. i wanted to share the good info.

somone keeps posting how letrozole is the strongest and doesnt negatively affect cholesterol. this is not true. letrozole is NOT the strongest and it DOES negative affect cholesterol/lipid profile in a bad way.

aromasin(exemestane) is the best. this is why

both arimidex/ldex/anastrozole and femara/letrozole hurt your cholesterol. the way these 2 anti e's work is they inhibit the aromatase enzyme. by inhibiting the enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen, you reduce or even come close to eliminating estrogen production. we need some estrogen to be healthy. the major drawback to this is without estrogen, your lipid profile gets fucked.

exemestane works differently. it does not stop the body from producing estrogen. rather, it makes it so the estrogen is unable to bind to receptors by deactivating the binding enzyme. if the estrogen cannot bind, you simply will not get bloated or get gyno. the estrogen is crippled due to exemestane. however, since the estrogen is still floating around, it will not negatively affect your lipid/cholesterol profile.

anastrozole doesnt cause a rebound effect, and neither does exemestane, but letrozole does. this means after you stop the letrozole, your estrogen rebounds and goes pretty high for a while, eventually it normalizes. you can avoid this by tapering your letro dose down before stopping it, but that is a pain in the ass. higher than normal can mess many things up post cycle when you stop. since the hpta has a feedback loop is primarily controlled by estrogen, high estrogen will tell your hpta to produce less testosterone, because it thinks the high estrogen is caused by too much testosterone. this is fact. now post cycle, dont we want to raise our test levels, not lower them? of course! so rebounds are bad. if you use letro taper the dose off to zero over a couple weeks.

fyi- nolvadex(tamoxifen) is a SERM(Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator). this means on certain tissue it can act antagonisticaly or agonistically. in the case of lipid profiles, it acts agonistically. so, running tamoxifen with your anti e's will IMPROVE your cholesterol profile even if not on cycle or using any gear or other anti e's. its just plain good for cholesterol.

one thing to keep in mind though when runing tamoxifen with letro. letro reduces blood levels of tamoxifen by over 50%. a study showed 2.5mg letro ed made nolva levels drop to 40% of what they were before adding letro. this does not mean you cant use tamoxifen with letro, it just means you need to use more, about double. 20mg of nolva will act like 8mg if running letro. so make sure you are aware of this because you will need to buy more nolva to compensate. this does not happen when mixing tamoxifen with anastrozole or exemestane, it only hppens with letro.

also, many people and myself experince a reduction of libido on letro. this doesnt happen w/ ldex or exmestane as far as i know, and in my own experience, and ive run all 3 quite a bit.

the best combo IS exemestane and tamoxifen together. your cholesterol will be as good as can be considering your on a cycle of steroids. the dose of aromasin will vary depending on the users needs and how much aromatizing gear is being taken. usually 10-25mg ed works well. run 10mg ed nolva to improve your cholesterol.

second best combo i feel is anastrozole(ldex) and tamoxifen. ldex dose ranges from usually .15mg ed to 1mg ed. run 10mg nolva ed to improve cholesterol.

thierd best is letro and nolvadex. letro doses usually range from 1-2.5mg ed. run 20mg ed nolva to improve cholesterol w/ letro.

you do not need to run nolva with any of these 3, i do recomend it though as it will improve cholesterol compared to using the anti e's alone without nolva.

so in order of strength, on a dose per dose basis(not mg per mg) aromasin is def the strognest, next is letro, and then ldex.

ive been running aromasin now for about 4 months, i wont switch back to ldex or letro. it works much better and its much healthier for cholesterol profiles.

i think we all need to stop only worrying about side effects that we can see visually. cholesterol KILLS many people around the world everyday(well not directly kills but leads to it). steroids are hrting us badly in this sense. steroids do mess our cholesterol up pretty badly, and we will pay for it later in life. now not many of us are going to stop using gear because of that, but we should at least take the proper other drugs to help minimize.

aromasin is only a little bit more expensive than ldex or letro, and its actually about the same price as many places sell ldex or letro for. but its more powerful and healthier. people spend money all the time on steroids which dont have as many side effects as some of the harsher, cheaper steroids. a few extra bucks for the proper anti e's is def money well spent.

found on
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Old 03-13-2018, 05:56 PM
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taking arimidex and nolvadex at the same time is not good advice
would never be done, should never be done, as it doesnt make sense scientifically

letro is the strongest
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Old 03-13-2018, 06:05 PM
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Thank you guys for both posts, dfwtp can you give us more info regarding arimidex and nolvadex at the same time?

Originally Posted by dfwtp View Post
taking arimidex and nolvadex at the same time is not good advice
would never be done, should never be done, as it doesnt make sense scientifically

letro is the strongest
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Old 03-13-2018, 06:43 PM
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one blocks production, one blocks receptors

letro does both 99% suicide inhibitor

a few copy pastes

Exemestane is a steroidal suicidal Type 1 irreversible aromatase inhibitor.When exemestane reaches full blood plasma concentration within the blood, it will block up to 98% of estrogen

Nolvadex only blocks estrogen receptors, it allows circulating estrogen to continue to exist. If used for pct of an aromatizing drug, levels of circulating estrogen would be greatly increased when nolva usage was discontinued

Anastrozole is a Type 2 non-steroidal competitive aromatase inhibitor (second generation) which functions by blocking the aromatase enzyme (chromosome P450), the key enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Letrozole ( third generation) is a non steroidal selective third generation aromatse inhibitor which just like Arimadex will not give off androgenic effects. Its very similar to Arimadex which why they both are called Type2 non-sterodial competitive aromatase inhibitor. The main difference between Femara and Arimadex is that Femara is MORE potent,this will obliterate one’s estrogen by 98-99% within peak concentrations and is detrimental to cholesterol over pronlonged usage

The main difference between Type 1(suicidal) and Type 2(competitive) is that type 1 will deactivate the estrogen and the enzyme will be gone, which means a new aromatase enzyme must be created. In Type 2 AI’s, the AI will compete for the binding site and once the individual stops taking the AI, the effects will come to a hault which can be problematic if you are on or still carry metabolites of a highly aromatizing androgen in your system.

First Aminoglutethimide 250 qid 90.6 MacNeill et al (1992)
Formestane (IM) 250 2w 84.8 Jones et al (1992)
Second 500 2w 91.9
500 w 92.5
Formestane (po) 125 od 72.3 MacNeill et al (1992)
125 bid 70.0
250 od 57.3
Second Rogletimide 200 bid 50.6 MacNeill et al (1992)
400 bid 63.5
800 bid 73.8
Second Fadrozole 1 bid 82.4 Lønning et al (1991)
2 bid 92.6
Third Anastrozole 1 od 96.7 Geisler et al (1996)
1 od 97.3 Geisler et al (2002)a
Third Letrozole 2.5 od >98.9 Dowsett et al (1995)
2.5 od >99.1 Geisler et al (2002)a
Third Exemestane 25 od 97.9 Geisler et al (1998)
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