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I have read the same thing I also was reading that the recommended intake should be from 3-4 tablespoons (and that you should gradually work up to this amount) of raw, cold pressed, extra virign coconut oil. So I bought myself a big jar and started with 3 tablespoons, I will report my results My diet is pretty lean about 15 - 25g of fat per day (excluding the coconut oil which brings it up to about approx 70 grams of day. So I will experiment with this and see how it goes.

I am 5' 7" 175 lbs 26% bf weight train 6 days a week eat around 2700 calories 35% protien 45% carbs and 20% I weigh everything and track all calories, carbs, protien, fat, potassium, sodium etc. I eat 5 - 6 times a day So I will report my findings. I hope its true because I'd like to stay under 60g of fat haha so hopefully my fingers won't become to pudgy to type my findings.

Oh I wouldn't refridgerate it as it turns hard like concrete. I like to use it as spread for toast or when I make Curry Quinoa I put a little in while its hot to just melt it and mix it in. If you need to melt it because you live in Antartica don't microwave instead put it in a warm water bath.

I attached the coconut oil I bought from whole foods. its Organic, Raw, Cold Pressed and extra virgin.
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